Lisbon hotels to get 2,100 new rooms in 2018

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The real estate consultants Worx says that Lisbon hotels will make 2,100 new rooms available in 2018.

According to its study Tourism and the Hotel Industry in Lisbon, the rooms will mainly be available in four and five-star premises.

“In Lisbon and Porto, several hotel units are expected to open, many of which under international branding which in itself showed a new phase of maturity in the national hotel market and was a mark of confidence from international investors in the sector,” says Alberto Henriques, Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure consultant at Work.

The Worx study also analysed the hotel results in the first quarter of 2018, which demonstrate a “positive upward growth trajectory,” with the city and Lisbon region revealing “very positive performances, with the main performance indicators showing an upward performance trend.”

Regarding take-up, the consultancy points to increases in all accommodation capacities, particularly three-star units which saw “the most significant increase,” growing 4% points on the same period in 2017, to a room uptake rate of 70.22%. In four-star units the uptake was 66.54%, while in five-star units the uptake registered in the first quarter of 2018 stood at 54.44%, slightly down on the 55.14% in Q1 2017.