World News Media Congress kicks off

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The 70th World News Media Congress will take place in Estoril from June 6-8. The event is a unique global gathering of chief editors, publishers and CEOs from four continents passionate about media freedom and a sustainable news industry. Among the topics under discussion will be fake news and social media, digital platforms and advertising revenues.


“We are at a pivotal moment when trust in discerning media providers is increasingly precious. The importance of reader-based revenue is supported by technologies assisting audience engagement (social media) as we seek creative and innovative ways to cover news,” says Vincente Preyrègne, CEO, WAN-IFRA.

The 2018 edition of the congress marks the 70th anniversary since its foundation in 1948 in the aftermath of WWII, when editors from the clandestine press in France and Holland were determined to fight for a free press worldwide. They formed the association and while much has changed their mission still binds WAN-IFRA members today.