Foreigners offered bonuses by tax authorities

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The Portuguese tax authorities are offering a non-tax incentive to overseas visitors.
Finanças will create a new regime of electronic invoices focusing on non-resident citizens in Portugal, in other words overseas residents who spend less than 180 days a year in Portugal and whose main taxable residence is outside of Portgual.
The mechanism aims to offer incentives to foreign citizens to ask for an invoice for goods and services purchased and acquired on national territory.
But it will only cover cases where expenses are not included within the VAT exemption regime.
“Just as tax payers have an incentive to ask for invoices through the “Invoice Raffle” (Fatura da Sorte), the new electronic invoice law will create a legal addendum similar for non-residents who ask for an invoice”, a source from the Ministry of Finances told the online news service ECO.
The same source indicated that the Government is now studying the best way of implementing the idea.
The measure will not be exactly like the current “Fatura da Sorte” which exists for tax resident citizens in Portugal (foreign or Portuguese) but now including non-tax resident foreign citizens buying goods and services in Portugal, but it will fit into the same concept as a non-tax incentive.