LegalVision aims to digitalise companies and law firms

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The Franco-Portuguese startup which already has 30,000 clients is planning to launch in the Spanish market.

Its software is transforming the way companies and law firms work, cutting the time it takes with a digital signature.
The legal tech company changes the way in which simple processes are processed. The idea arose from a simple premise: legal processes are slow, expensive and there is a lack of transparency between the cost of the lawyer’s work and the measurable benefit for its client.
“It doesn’t make sense that the work is in paper form at a lawyer’s office. It should all be digitalised because the client doesn’t understand why things take so long. There is a lack of communication between, for example, the secretary, the collection of documents and the data … and we think it makes more sense to digitalise and automise the processes”, explains Gonçalo Alves, co-founder of LegalVision.
The idea is a simple one: digitalise routine processes such as signatures, changing company statutes or headquarters. More time should be spent on thinking about the strategy of the business and on other activities. On the one hand, companies save and on the other optimise their resources.
Founded in 2015 by Gonçalo Alves, Miguel Figueiredo and Loic Le Goas, LegalVision has developed specialised software for the digitalisation and automatisation of legal processes. The company began with four very simple legal processes including changing company statute, changing headquarters, status and digital signature which normally were “not done in a smooth way in any law firm.”
The software works in the same way: using a form which has all the company’s personal and financial information which automatically generates a number of legal documents. The software is accessible to anybody who can use it without having to directly speak to a lawyer. This software is used together with the law firms to automatise internal processes”, says the company’s co-founder.