Sonae Sierra allows shopkeepers to shut

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Shop keepers at Sonae Sierra shopping centres have been authorised to close their stores if they feel they no longer have the conditions to keep them open.

The information was issued by Sonae Sierra – one of Portugal’s largest shopping centre management companies — via a circular sent to shopkeepers according to the newspaper Expresso.
The move follows fears voiced by both shopkeepers and retail staff over the spread of Covid-19.
The communiqué states: shopkeepers can in exceptional circumstances proceed to closing their stores in the event that there are no conditions to keep them open. No penalties will be applied from either reducing opening hours or from temporary closure”.
This measure will remain in force “until fresh instructions are issued. We will continue to cooperate with all authorities to maintain, wherever possible, the country’s economic activity and we will continue to serve the Portuguese, respecting all safety measures while following instructions from the authorities.”