Dog food delivery startup sees record demand

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It may be a dog’s life for some Portuguese companies hammered by the Covid-19 crisis, but for one, at least, its strategy seems to be barking up the right tree.

Things have never been better for dog food startup Barkyn which is seeing sales soar since Portugal entered into lockdown.
André Jordan, CEO of Barkyn is running a 40-strong teleworking team and since the crisis started business has simply gone barking mad!
The Portuguese brand sold around 145 tonnes of dog food in March and is now offering benefits to its staff such as free access to psychology sessions, emotional and professional counselling, access to exercise app from home, and mediation sessions to help its staff deal with the increased demand caused by booming business demand.
“We really worry about the physical and emotional wellbeing of our staff and we are trying to improve or maintain team performance,” says Jordão, CEO of Barkyn.
Founded in 2017 by André Jordão and Ricardo Macedo, the Portuguese startup based in Porto has taken the national market by storm and has expanded its business to Spain, Italy and Germany.
He says the pet food market is very buoyant and growing. “The money that pet owners spend on their animals has grown year-on-year”.
In an interview with ECO online business news, he says that while Covid-19 is causing paralysis for many sectors, Barkyn is the exception to the rule.
In the first quarter of 2020 its turnover has tripled in comparison to the same period in 2019.
“The impact of Covid-19 on the business has been positive and proved to be a great opportunity for us” because people are stuck at home which has increased the demand for dog food delivery services.
“E-commerce is growing and dog owners want to receive food for their pooches without having to go out” says the company’s CEO adding that the service that they offer is gaining ground because in addition to home delivery, they also offer a tele-vet service with a network of 25 experienced vets “which is perfect for our customers” he says.