EDP top brass may have bribed Government ministers

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The CEO’s of the Portuguese electricity giant EDP (Energias de Portugal), António Mexia and João Manso Neto are suspected of having bribed a minister, a secretary of state, a government aide and a managing director.

The defence team for the two executives have until today to refute charges of active and passive corruption over the uncompetitive award of a dam building project contract in Portugal, and a bail remand order.
Both the CEOs of EDP and EDP Renováveis are also charged with prejudicing the interests of the electricity company when they saw to it that the building of a dam project at Baixo Sabor was awarded to a consortium comprising the Portuguese construction company Lena and Brazilian firm Odebrecht of Operation Car Wash fame in 2009.
The Defence teams of both Mexia and Manso Neto, as well as that of João Conceição, former aide to the then minister of the Economy, Manuel Pinho, who was bribed by the CEOs, have until today to contest the grounds of the charges and the bail requirements that the Portuguese Public Ministry has ordered through Judge Carlos Alexandre (pictured).
António Mexia, João Manso Neto and João Conceição could be suspended from their roles at the head of the energy producer EDP and electricity network company REN because of the corruption charges.
The court is seeking bail of €2 million from António Mexia and €1 million from Manso Neto which may or may not include house arrest.