ICPT and ICCP sign international expansion protocol

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The International Club of Portugal (ICPT) and International Cultural Club of Portugal (ICCP) have signed a partnership protocol with the aim of developing joint activities and leveraging the broad spectrum of potential both clubs have.

The ICPT and ICCP seek to secure sustained growth in the medium to long term through a convergence of values and knowledge, expanding their cultural, economic, scientific, sporting and business activities in Portugal and overseas.
For the ICPT, whose coverage is mostly focused on the Portuguese economic, entrepreneurial and political spectrum, this partnership brings a strong component of value for each one of the activities developed and is a way of reaching personalities from a wide variety of walks of life and countries around the world.
ICPT President Manuel Ramalho says, “The ICCP has the conditions through this partnership to help the ICPT achieve significant international expansion, bringing to our events speakers of different nationalities who have a vast range of strategic visions.”
From the ICCP’s standpoint, the main advantage from this protocol is that it can strengthen its importance and position in Portugal’s cultural network and also, in particular, Portugal’s scientific and political community.
“This partnership confers a greater degree of visibility for the club on the country’s media circuit, a factor which takes on an even greater importance through a significant increase in a network of contacts useful for the cooperation and impetus of our future activities,” says Emily Kuo Vong, ICCP president.
Both for the ICPT and ICCP, this partnership is of great importance for the growth and expansion that both institutions desire. Uniting cultures and joining diversity, both nationally and internationally will be decisive for a promising and lasting future that these clubs aspire to, thereby offering members a much more significant range of benefits.