Algarve hotel take-up down 60%

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Room occupancy in the Algarve’s hotels fell 60% in July like-for-like on 2019 according to the Algarve hotel association AHETA.

The average total occupancy per room was just 33,2 percent according to the industry association.
In a statement, the Association of Hotel and Tourist Enterprises of the Algarve (AHETA) states that the British market was the one that most contributed to the decline, with a drop of 91,1 percent.
After the British market, the main tourist source market for the region, the largest falls were from the Irish, German and Dutch markets.
However, Portugal’s domestic tourist market helped save the day to some degree being just 8.3% down, representing 61,1% of the total overnight stays in July in the holiday region.
According to AHETA estimates, about 22% of classified beds remained closed, “so the percentage of developments that have not yet reopened is much higher.”
Sales volumes decreased by 66% compared to the same month in 2019.
In accumulated values, bed occupancies registered an average decrease of 62,9% since January while the sales turnover fell by 61.8%.