Aeronautics, Space and Defence partners meet in Oeiras

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Experts and partners met in Oeiras this month to discuss strategic development projects in aeronautics, space and defence.

A memorandum of understanding was signed between representatives from various institutions linked to technology research and development and upper educational establishments who met up at Oeiras Municipal Council. The protocol aims to transform the borough into an “international hotspot” for the defence, aerospace and aeronautics industries.
This protocol brings together various strategic partners with Oeiras Council including the AED Cluster Portugal, the Instituto Superior Técnico (Higher Technical Institute), the Instituto de Saoladura e Qualidade, the academic institutions Universidade Atlântica and Novo SBE (The New School of Business and Economics), Taguspark (a business park) and NATO’s Academy of Communication and Information.
This initiative called AED – Oeiras Valley is part of the Council’s strategic thinking to boost and increase the technological aspects of companies based in the borough under the brand Oeiras Valley.
The goal of this protocol is to establish a basis for understanding, coordination and collaboration between AED Cluster Portugal, Oeiras Municipal Council and the other partners which have made a commitment to undertake various campaigns, actions and activities set out in the Strategic Plan.
The activities in the Strategic Plan cover different areas: “Markets and Opportunities,” “Innovation and Value Creation,” “People and Skills” and “Context and Infrastructure.”