Property funds buoyant in Q4

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Real estate funds generated around €10.4Bn in Portugal in November, up by €67.2 million on October.

According to the latest monthly data from the securities market commission CMVM, the amount invested in FII real estate investment funds rose 0.7% to €7.7Bn. These were the types of funds that most increased their portfolios, followed by special real estate investment funds (FEII) that generated 0.5% more to €2.3Bn.
The amount managed by Real Estate Patrimony Management Funds (FUNGEPI), remained practically unchanged at €340 million.
47% of the FII and FEII open fund portfolios are linked to service sector properties. 67.1% of the FUNGEPI portfolios are linked to commercial sector properties.
In November, Interfundos, Square, AM Caixa Gestão de Ativos held the largest share of the market — 12.6%, 11.4% and 9.2% respectively.
In the month under analysis, European Union countries continue to represent virtually all of the investment made in real estate assets.
The CMVM also reported that in November several special real estate investment companies were set up – Imofuste and JNV Real Estate managed by Atlantic, and the real estate investment fund FSG Saúde, managed by Fidelidade.
In the same month the real estate investment fund Imóveis Brisa managed by Profile was liquidated.