5G auction: bids total €213M

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Bids made by telecoms operators in Portugal in the 5G auction supervised by the Portuguese regulator ANACOM have reached €213,1 million.

According to calculations made from available data, yesterday’s licence bids for 5G networks represented around €800,000 on top of the €214.2 million euro tally reached the day before.
The main bids have come from operators such as Altice Portugal (Meo), Nos, Vodafone Portugal and Dense Air and are bids for the award of licence rights to use frequencies in the bands 700 MHz, 900 MHz, 2.1GHz, 2.6GHz, and 3.6GHz, after a first phase which was exclusively for new entrants.
In a similar manner to what has happened since the fourth day of bidding, there was only one lot of TDT (700 MHz) that went unsold.
It means that for the 700 MHz band, the bidding price remains at €19.2 million, while one lot has had no bids. All told, bids have totalled €96 million. The 700 MHz band has six lots.
Regarding the 900 MHz band, the four available lots have seen no change in the reserve price, with the telecoms operators offer maintaining firm at €24 million.
The 2.1 GHz band, which had seen the most interest up until 18 January, with bidding reaching €10,405 million (the starting price was €2 million), by yesterday stood at €10,616,000 million.
The 2.6GHz (3 lots) stands at €19.7 million and the 3.6 GHz band (40 lots) at €62.8 million. The final amount from the auction will depend on the lots won throughout the auction and those acquired for the reserve price. Anacom forecasts that the total could be around €237.9 million.