3J analyses Banco Carregosa purchase

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The São Paulo based capital investment company 3J Capital Partners is considering the option to buy a share in Portuguese private investment bank Banco Carregosa.

The move would require the authorisation of both the European Central Bank and the Bank of Portugal.
According to Jornal Económico, 3J is considering buying up a considerable share which could be as much as 60% and would require some shareholders to join forces and come to an agreement to sell their shares in bloc.
The bank’s shareholding structure is controlled by the directors, headed by Mária Cândida da Rocha e Silva and Jorge Freitas Gonçalves.
The bank has not given a break down of each of the shareholders’ shareholdings, with information only available on who has over 5%. In the over 5% bracket are Projeto Inverse (ex-Amorim Projectos).
Data from the Portuguese Banking Association from 2019 shows that 48% of Banco Carregosa’s capital is in the hands of the senior management and 32% in the hands of companies, including the Grupo Amorim with 7.9%.
The financial house that gave origin to Banco Carregosa was created in 1833, in Porto. It was an exchange bureau, in Rua das Flores, which began activity at a time when the city was flourishing. It is therefore one of the oldest, if not the oldest private bank in Portugal.