5G auction makes €258.9M by day 44

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The value of bids made by telecoms operators in Portugal’s 5G auction organised by the National Communications Authority (Anacom) reached €258.9 million from a total of six rounds on the 44th day of principal bidding.

The auction began on 14 January and if the auction ended now, the Portuguese State would have raked in around €343 million in buyers’ premiums from telecoms operators which are bidding to have the privilege of a 5G operating licence in the country. The total amount of bids without premium has reached €84.3 million. The original estimate or the combined figure had been set at €237.9 million.
The total final amount expected to be raised by the auction depends on the lots that were awarded during the process and if they make the reserve price.
On the 44th day of the main bidding, the total ‘hammer’ price showed an increase by less than €1 million on the €258 registered on Monday.
The 3.6 GHz band with 40 lots, which suffered alterations, made €103.4 million, which compares to the €103.4 million made on the previous session.
The main bidders included the operators Altice Portugal (Meo), Nos, Vodafone Portugal and also Dense Air, which are bidding for the usage rights for frequencies in the 700 MHz and 900 MHz bands, 2.1 GHz, 2.6 GHz and 3.6GHz, after a first phase exclusively for new entrants.
There is no information available about which entities have bid, neither has a final date been set for the end of the auction, but it is expected that the award of the 5G licenses will be at the end of March.