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Sonae IM is among the companies that has invested a total of US$6 million in the New Zealand startup

Sonae IM is the technology investment arm of the Sonae Group. It participation in the Series A Round investment which enabled Portainer to raise the US$6 million.
The investment round has been led by the fund Bessemer Venture Partners and also involved investment from local investor Movac.
Despite its confusing name and logo, the platform has nothing to do with technology to support the maritime shipping container industry. Rather a platform as a service (PaaS) which delivers software in packages called ‘containers’ (Docker).
Founded in 2017, is selling a platform solution for containers management which also works in cloud.
The New Zealand-based tool was born in 2017 from founders Neil Cresswell and Anthony Lapenna’s own struggle to learn Docker, with the vision to create a GUI-based tool to manage Docker without frustration — regardless of whether it was deployed standalone, in a cluster, on-premise, at the edge or in the cloud. In August 2020, Portainer expanded to include support for Kubernetes and Azure ACI as well as retaining full support for Docker & Docker Swarm.
Information released by Sonae MI shows that the company already enjoys a community of €4.8 million users and 500,000 regular users in 190 countries.
In August 2020, raised €1.2 million in a seed round. The Series A round announced on Tuesday will “enable us to boost our strategy of transforming Portainer from a simple management dashboard into a complete containers management system,” says Neil Cresswell, co-founder and CEO of Portainer.
“We began by adding the support of Azure ACI, then Kubernetes, and now, in 2021 we intend to provide support to a growing number of Container-as-a-Service (CaaS) platforms as is the case with AWS Fargate, Google Cloud-Run, etc.”
“Portainer is extremely focused on making the power of containers available to all, providing current IT/Developers teams, individual users, students and whomever else, the solutions necessary to manage containers without complicated codes or risky implementations.”
Portainer is a universal container management tool. It works with Kubernetes, Docker, Docker Swarm and Azure ACI. It allows the management of containers without needing to know platform-specific code.