Spanish, English and Americans most interested in luxury houses

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Spanish, British and American multimillionaires are those who most seek luxury properties in Portugal

According to a study by Idealista, the Spanish are those who most research luxury homes (11.7%) followed by the British (11.6%), the Americans (9.7%), the French (9.5%) and the Germans (8.9%).
The survey studied the prevalence of international research on properties for sale in Portugal worth over €1 million.
The international interest for luxury properties in Portugal is focused on six districts, with Lisbon being the most searched by overseas property investors (40%). The nationalities most interested in the Portuguese capital are the Spanish (13%), Americans (11.1%), British (10.8%), Brazilians (10.4%) and the French (7.1%).
Faro in the Algarve was the second most sought after district (28%) while for the Algarve most searches came from the UK (12.9%), Holland (11.5%), France (10.5%), Germany and Spain (10% in both cases).
The Porto district occupied fourth position with 6% with the Spanish being most interested (13.6%) followed by the Brazilians (12.5%), French (11.9%), Americans (11.2%) and British (7.5%).
Madeira represented 4% of all research for million euro properties with the British coming in first (21.1%), followed by the Germans (20.9%), the Americans (5.4%) Swiss (4.6%) and French (4.3%).
Sixth place went to Braga with 2% with the French being most interested in the district (25.7%) followed by Brazilians (12%), Swiss (10.5%), Spanish (10% and British (8.3%).