The banker, his wife, the chauffeur and his daughter

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João Rendeiro transferred patrimony to taxi association boss…

The former banker and one-time president of Portuguese failed investment bank BPP transferred his property to a taxi driver friend an investigation by Expresso reveals.

On the run from justice after a high court judge handed down a three year prison sentence, the banker who allegedly has a stash of €23 million in an offshore account, put four properties in the name of the current president of the Portuguese taxi drivers association Antral.
Reported also by SIC Noticias, Florêncio de Almeida, President of the National Association of Road Transportation in Light Vehicles (Antral) bought all of the properties inherited by João Rendeiro after the death of his parents — two properties in Lisbon and two plots of land in Murtosa. The deal was done in 2015 and has already made Almeida more than €1 million.
At the time the taxi driver, who later went onto head Antral, paid €500,000 for the two houses, one of which is in Lisbon’s trendy Campo de Ourique neighbourhood.
The Antral president, who at the time was also João Rendeiro’s chauffeur, gave the larger house to his daughter in a transfer in August 2018. But in less than two months she sold the Lisbon house for €1.4 million to a company called Turtle Quotidien which had been set up just one week before the sale.
With the private sale done without any estate agent involvement, João Rendeiro’s chauffeur made €1.2 million and, one week later, bought a luxury apartment in Quinta Patino in Cascais which he then handed over to Rendeiro’s wife, Maria Jesus Rendeiro.
The initial property purchases in 2015 was in the same year that a court ordered the seizure of João Rendeiro’s goods. All of the property purchases are currently under investigation by the Public Ministry which has declined to comment.