GreenVolt green bonds already on the market

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Green bonds from the Portuguese renewable energy company GreenVolt worth €100 million are already being traded on the market.

Floated from Friday (26 November) the bonds from the new renewable energy company led by ex-EDP Renováveis executive director, João Manso Neto, were issued on 10 November.
The green bonds which are trading on the Lisbon Stock Market were issued in accordance with the ‘Green Bonds Framework’, supported by an independent evaluation by Sustainalytics, a benchmark entity that ensures that the issue of green bonds meets the standards set by the International Capital Market Association.
These green bonds have a nominal vale of €10,000 and a total amount of €100 million, with a six-year maturity. The interest rate is 2.625% and the maturity on the issued bonds is 10 November, 2028.
The issue of green bonds is aligned with the renewable energy company’s financial strategy to diversify its sources of financing.