Vector Mais with record €39M in 2021

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The interior refurbishment company Vector Mais has posted a record turnover of €39 million, up 34% on 2020.

Part of this success was down to major redesign and refit projects such as for the Hotel Ritz Four Seasons, the Nestlé Campus, and 90% of the COFIDIS headquarters.
Vector Mais achieved this growth despite the Covid-19 pandemic and an increase in building materials costs.
The 100% Portuguese company’s turnover was a record in 2021, and an improvement on 2020 when its turnover was €29 million.
Duarte Aires, CEO, said “this growth was only possible thanks to the efforts and dedication of our staff and suppliers, but also the confidence that the market placed in Vector Mais’ experience.
“We are not just a general builder or interiors fit-out firm, but an essential partner for helping our clients to realise their projects on time, on budget, and with the standards of quality they demand”.
Specialising in areas such as interior office and hotel construction, and refurbishing real estate assets, Vector Mais beefed up its team in 2021 to work on the various projects that it had throughout the year.
“We’ve grown our team, with a special focus on project management and quality and safety. We currently have 65 staff, eight more than we has in 2020,” said Duarte Aires.