Europar to invest €100M in Portugal

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The Brazilian company Europar Investments is to invest €100 million in Portuguese real estate with an emphasis on retail.

According to ECO online, the investment company’s CEO, Marcos Germano Matrowitz describes Europar as a “hub of investments” and financial services which acquire assets on the request of an investor or for immediate onward sale.
“We operate in retail development but more focused on the financial part than the real estate aspect (…) we develop assets to sell on to other investors. We are a seed investor. A developer contacts us with a project that needs 50% capital and we would provide that”, he explained.
The company arrived in Portugal 5 years ago and its most recent investment was the purchase of Évora Retail Park to M7. Most of the space has now been sold and another 6,200 square metres are under development to incorporate more shops.
Ready to invest €100 million in Portugal, Matrowitz, believes there will be a lot of demand from the Brazilians to invest in assets in Portugal because of the political uncertainty in Brazil.
The investor said “There are people all over the world investing in retail assets in Portugal with a lot of opportunities over the next five years”.