What’s the price of eggs got to do with it?

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The old English expression used when conflating one issue with another that isn’t relevant “what’s the price of eggs got to do with it” has just taken on a whole new meaning.

One of Portugal’s significant egg suppliers Ovos Matinados has just put the price of its eggs up by 25%.
It says it has had to do this because of rising production costs — hens eat grain (the price of grain has gone up by nearly 40% because of the war in Ukraine) and power and fuel costs have shot up too, impacting production and distribution.
Not only that, the agricultural producer which runs the company, Companhia Avícola do Centro (CAC), admits that prices could go up even higher because of bird flu.
“All of the increases in production costs that we’re seeing and will be seen in the future will have to be reflected in the final retail cost of the product given that producers have no outside subsidy support” the president of CAC told ECO online news, admitting “for now the increase is 25% which has been progressive since the start of the year”.
According to Manuel Sobreiro clients have been “understanding” about the price hikes, given that “each producer that closes production means one less producer supplying the market”.
At present, the group provides 40% of the market share for eggs in Portugal and 65% of eggs from free range chickens. But for now he rules out any immediate scarcity of eggs in the market. But prices will continue to go up and that’s as sure as eggs are eggs!