Portugal 10th slowest civil and commercial legal system in the EU

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Portugal has the 10th slowest civil and commercial justice system in the European Union according to data released by the European Commission.

It is below the European average when it comes to settling commercial and civil disputes in court, taking around 200 days on average and up to 300 days in some cases.
This is according to the Justice Evaluation Panel 2022, a report which provides comparative data on Member States on the efficiency, quality and independence of justice systems and which this year has information about the ramifications of the Covid19 pandemic.
One of the areas evaluated was the efficiency and speed of the courts in the EU regarding the time it takes for cases to be heard and settled, and in which civil and commercial cases were resolved in 2020 (the most recent year for which there is data) within one year.
Italy was the worst, taking up to 600 days to resolved disputes, followed by Hungary, France, Greece, Malta, Spain, Slovenia, Poland and Finland.
Launched in 2013, the EU’s Justice Evaluation Panel is used by the European Commission to accompany justice reforms in Member States to work towards more efficient legal systems, centred around efficiency, quality and independence.