Brussels welcomes gas supply from Sines to Europe

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The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, says she is expecting Sines to supply natural gas to supply short Europe.

She also argues that coal could be used temporarily to generate energy to offset cuts in supplies from Russia.
“We know that Portugal is working to increase its capacity to tranship international shipments of Liquified Natural Gas via its deep sea port at Sines to other Member States in order to help them ensure sufficient gas supplies”, she said.
“At the same time this would contribute towards efforts at saving electricity and gas on an EU scale, representing European solidarity in action”, said von der Leyen in an interview in Diário de Notícias.
On the use of coal to produce energy, the president of the European Commission stressed that this solution should only be used as a “temporary” measure, and that it was down to each country to decide it. Moreover “renewable energies and less polluting options are preferable”.