Lusiaves Group launches solar farm

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The Lusiaves Group has launched a solar farm on the tails of a solar power auction held in 2019.

With an installed capacity of 17.37 megawatts, the infrastructure in the district of Soure, involves an investment of around €10 million and will power 8,000 homes.
The project, launched by Made Better in partnership with Lusiaves, began operating this month. It is its first photovoltaic farm on the back of an auction organised by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Action in 2019.
The company told the online news service ECO that the 30,000 modules that make up the Quinta da Cruz Photovoltaic Centre – one of 65 which the Lusiaves Group has in Portugal -, adds up to an annual production that provides enough energy to power over 8,000 family homes.
Through this facility, the company has a total installed capacity nationally of 32 (MW) of electrical energy production from solar energy, a part for auto-consumption and part for sale to the network.
Lusiaves, through Made Better ( a solar energy production management company with around 50 minigenerations) has 83 facilities, 46 small production units (SPUs) with an accumulated energy of six megawatts; 37 units of self-consumption production (SCPU), with an installed accumulation of 8.6 megawatts; and an electro-production centre at Quinta da Cruz with 17.37 megawatts linked to the high voltage public distribution network via its own 60kV substation.
In addition to these investments, the Lusiaves and Banco BPI group have just issued green bonds worth €25 million with a maturity of 15 years. The interest return has not been divulged.