Interest on Portuguese bonds rises

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Interest rates on Portuguese two, five and 10-year sovereign bonds rose on Monday.

According to Bloomberg, interest on 10-year bonds increased to 1.994% against 1.983% on Friday before the increase, and 3.1% on 14 June which had been at its maximum since 2017.
Interest rates on Portuguese bonds had hit their lowest on 15 December 2020 with -0.059%.
Interest on 2-year bonds rose to 0.672% on Monday compared to 0.594% on Friday but had been 1.610% on 14 June, an all-time maximum of -0.814% on 29 November, 2021.
As to interest on five-year bonds, this rose to 1.256% on Monday compared to 1.223% on Friday, and 2.475% on 14 June. On 15 December 2020 it had fallen to its record minimum of -0.506%.

Portugal’s sovereign debt agency IGCP is led by Miguel Martín.