Shopping basket up €26 in six months

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The cost of the average shopping basket of basic foodstuffs has risen by €26 over the past six months.

Since the war in Ukraine began in February, the price of an average family shopping basket has gone up by 14.6%, and in the last week of August went up by 1.5% alone.
In July, overall inflation stood at 9.4%. In just six months the price of fish has risen 19.1% and meat 17.1%.
According to the consumer watchdog DECO, which monitored the prices of 63 essential foodstuffs between 23 February and 24 August, fresh cod has skyrocketed 80%, 100% vegetable cooking oil has spiralled up 34%, and broccoli is now 30% dearer.
All told, the average monthly shopping basket that cost €183 in February now costs €210 or €26 more.
And the increasing cost of food in Portugal has not gone unnoticed by overseas holidaymakers in the Algarve with complaints from UK holidaymakers in both Albufeira and Vilamoura according to TV station SIC.