Luís Laginha to head CMVM

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A top director at the Bank of Portugal has been chosen to head Portugal’s stock market regulator CMVM.

According to news broken by ECO, Luís Laginha de Sousa, who is at the end of his term at the Bank of Portugal, will replace Gabriel Bernardino at the Portuguese stock market commission CMVM.
The board has been running on half gas since Gabriel Bernardino resigned from his post at the markets regulator and supervisor on health grounds.
Fernando Medina, the minister of Finances and João Nuno Mendes, secretary of State of Finances and the Treasury have had various positions to fill at supervisory bodies. Economist and Dean of ISEG, Clara Raposo has been appointed vice-governor of the Bank of Portugal, filling a vacancy left by Elisa Ferreira.
However, there are also vacancies at the CMVM and Luís Laginha has been chosen because he was in the past a president of the Lisbon stock exchange Euronext.
Officially, the Ministry of Finances has not confirmed the appointment and the candidate’s name has not been sent to CREASP, the entity that evaluates the suitability of appointments for public organisations.