60% of Golden Visas expired

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Portugal’s borders and immigration office SEF has over 60% of its Golden Visa renewal requests pendant.

Holders of Golden Visas have to renew their visas every two years and SEF has made clear the “acceptance of documents and visas regarding overseas citizens having the right to reside on national territory has been extended until 31 December 2022”.
However, Golden Visas which have expired are not accepted at international airports and some holders are being refused entry or exit from Portugal.
This year, SEF has opened around 7,000 available renewal slots for these residency authorisations, but around 2,000 slots still need to be opened, with a fresh slot expected by the end of the year.
SEF explains that since the majority of these Golden Visa holders don’t actually live in Portugal, they cannot always be present at the appointed time allotted for their renewal.
SEF also recognises that holders do not always make their renewal appointments well in advance.