Mota-Engil exceeds €13Bn in orders

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The Sino-Portuguese international construction company Mota-Engil has secured orders worth €13Bn this year so far — a historic record.

The company which saw its shares rise by 1.96% on Tuesday, closed the first half of the year with order books with €9.6Bn and “will achieve a historic amount of orders worth €13Bn to €14Bn by the end of 2022” announced the company’s CEO, Gonçalo Moura Martins on Tuesday.
“From a commercial point of view and that of the markets that interest us, things have really gone vey well, extremely well”, he said.
“This is not just a sign of confidence from the markets and clients, but is very reassuring for the company”, he said in a presentation of the take-up results of a €70 million debenture bonds.
Moura Martins said a full order book would enable Mota-Engil to pursue a “much more conservative and prudent business activity”, particularly in these times of uncertainty and volatility.
“Today, we can select the projects that we want to do, the markets that we want to focus on, and step up our commercial activity or not”, he explained.
More than 4,300 investors have lent €70 million to the construction company that has projects in South America, Europe and Africa.
“This operation has given us “added responsibility before our new investors”, and is a sign of market confidence and the company’s trajectory”, said Gonçalo Moura Martins.
Moura Martins said that Mota-Engil had grown 20% in the first half of the year and will continue to grow significantly in 2023.
Africa represents 51% of Mota-Engil’s followed by Latin America (33%). The firm closed the first half of 2023 with €12 million profit.