Nº of Americans in Portugal hits record

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The number of US citizens living in Portugal has skyrocketed to a new record according to Portugal’s immigration and borders service SEF.

Portugal’s Consul in New York, Luisa Pais Lowe told the Lusa news agency that: “Portugal is in fashion” and there are “more and more Americans wanting to move to Portugal with a corresponding increase in visa applications.

Giving a balance of her first nine months at the General Consulate in New York, Luisa Pais Lowe indicated that over these months there has been an upswing in demand for visas because “we know that Portugal is in fashion and there are increasingly more Americans or United States residents who want to move to Portugal.
The number of US citizens living in Portugal is at its highest level in a decade. At the end of 2021 there were 7,000 US citizens in the US who had moved to Portugal. The figure was twice as many than for the last three years.
By May this year, the number of US residents living in Portugal had risen 45% with security, reasonable cost of living, climate, tax incentives and reasonable rents all cited as reasons for the move.