Pendular with 41% growth

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The Portuguese company Pendular, which is a market leader in procurement, purchase and contract management, will close 2022 with growth of 41% on 2019 and a turnover of €3.1 million.

The estimate is based on contracts already netted and the company predicts it will grow by 12%.
The result reflects demand from companies for effective and centralised solutions within an economic context of rising prices and inflationary pressures. In this sense companies are increasingly opting to outsource their services, particularly in areas such as contract and purchasing management.
Vítor Ribeiro Gomes, CEO of Pendular says: “These positive results reflect the current role we have in costs mitigation and resisting inflationary pressures, and in managing the supply chain.
Pendular acts directly on these variables and has solutions that have seen demand soar, while the company says its services can slash costs by between 10% and 30% for its clients”.
Procurement has seen a growth trend in Portugal, particularly sectors such as hotels and catering, entertainment and banking in which it expects to close 2022 with business growth of 101%, 98% and 58% respectively.
Pendular recently celebrated its silver anniversary at an event which included TV political commentator and former deputy prime minister Paulo Portas who painted a positive outlook for Portuguese companies in 2023.
“Portugal may escape from an economic recession, not just through tourism which has been a key driver for the Portuguese economy, but also because of the Portugal Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP), financial assets and the country’s energy mix given that Portugal does not exclusively depend on Russia”.
Paulo Portas believes that these factors favour Portuguese companies, providing incentives to invest in two areas that are today fundamental: digitalisation and cybersecurity.