26.5% of Portuguese émigrés earn 3K

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New Portuguese émigrés who go overseas to work are earning €3,000 on average — three times than what they would have earned had they stayed in Portugal.

However, in Portugal 70% of inward immigrants earn less than €1000 according to a study by the University of Porto.
Portuguese émigrés tend to have good qualifications and salaries that are three times higher in their new host countries with contracts that are stable and companies that offer career progression.
Many of those canvassed in the study “Flight of skills and academic mobility from Portugal to Europe” said that they expected their departure from Portugal to be permanent reports the newspaper Diário de Notícias.
One of the main reasons for leaving Portugal are salaries. “We are referring to people who earned €1,000 (in Portugal) and in the counties they emigrate to they will earn €3,000 or more euros”, says study author João Teixeira Lopes.
“A investment is made by the State in training young people who then end up leaving with the country and its development losing out with no return. We are losing our most qualified generation”, he said.
According to the study, 70% of émigrés earned €1000 or less in Portugal while in the host country 50% earned over €2,000 and 26.5% earned over €3,000.