Rubicone in 100% Brisa bid

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A consortium comprising Dutch, South Korean and Swiss investors have offered €3.32 per share in a total investment of €39.5 million to hold a 100% share in the motorway concession company Brisa.

Rubicone, which bought Brisa from the Mello Group, has launched an offer to buy the remaining 11.9 million shares in the company for €3.2 her share in an investment of €39.5 million.
The offer ran from 8.30am on 27 December 2022 until 3pm on 29 December 2022 “a period in which the BAE shareholders who intend to accept it should make their intent in writing to the financial intermediary under whose name the shares are registered”, states the group.
Rubicone has already secured the deposit of the investment amount from bank BCP to which it has “given the order to acquire the shares”, which should be delivered to the respective shareholders.
When the offer deadline is up, the consortium will be the “holder of the shares that have not been acquired and, to this effect, will register the acquisition of their total control at the Commercial Registry.