Portugal Ventures with third best investment result ever

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Last year was the third best year ever for investment for Portugal Ventures.

Between investments in new startups and capital injections into the companies in its pre-existing portfolios, the Portuguese State venture capital company invested a total of €18.6 million according to information revealed on Tuesday.
The investment increased by 43.7% compared to 2021. Only in 2015 and 2020 did Portugal Ventures make larger investments: €31 million in 2015, and €19.06 million in 2020 according to the news source ECO based on Portugal Venture’s data base.
In 2022 the company headed by Rui Ferreira invested €8.8 million in 17 new startups and undertook 25 capital injection operations in companies that were already in its portfolio worth €9.8 million.
The company also took part in 15 co-investment operations with its capital investment partners in a total of €57.6 million.
In the last quarter, six new companies have joined Portugal Ventures portfolio: Cell4Food, GovWise, Kendir Studios, Topo Tents, Unlock Boutique Hotels, and Bhout.