Tourism revenues up 60.3%

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Portugal’s tourism sector saw revenues grow by 60.3% in February like-for-like on 2022, posting 1.7million guests (+33%) and 4 million (+38.5%) overnight stays.

Total revenues stood at €245.7 million (+60.3%) and €179.5 million from room occupation (+62%) according to data from Portugal’s statistics institute INE released on Friday.
Compared to 2020, before the significant effects of the Covid-19 pandemic had begun to bite, February saw an increase of 30.3% in respect of total revenues and 30.3% in terms of room bookings.
As to RevPAR (average daily spend), this stood at €36.3 per person and €79.3 per room compared to February 2022. Compared to the same month in 2020, the RevPAR increased by 27.3% while the Average Daily Rate increased by 22.4%.
And while the statistics are not yet out for tourist numbers and hotel bookings for the Easter period, estimates based on online bookings and flight reservations for Easter week suggested 1.5 million tourists poured into the Algarve, while expectations at Porto and the North of Portugal tourism office ran high for 1.5 million tourists with 6 million expected for the year.