Investment in cybersecurity at €300M in 2023

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The cybersecurity market is likely to be one that will most grow in 2023, exceeding €300 million according to the consultancy IDC.

The investment in IT security solutions this year will represent a like-for-like increase of 10.7% said the consultancy International Data Corporation (IDC) in a report on the latest technological forecasts.
The IDC analysts expect that the cybersecurity areas that will receive most investment in Portugal in 2023 are Privileged Access Management Software (19.5%); Managed Security Services (18.9%); the Detection and Prevention of Intrusion (17.5%); Device Vulnerability Evaluation Software (15.4%), and Sensitive Data Management and Data Privacy Software (15.4%).
“The occurrence of serious cyberattacks in the coming years will be inevitable. As such, all organisations should migrate from a focus that is exclusively on cybernetic security to a concept of organisational resilience. The approach should be that incidents will happen and companies should prepare for the recovery of operational continuity and business as quickly as possible following an attack, with a minimal impact on the organisation”, explained Adaíl de Oliveira, who heads Managed Security Services at Cipher for Europe, Africa and the Middle East.