2.6% of Portuguese have crypto assets

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Around 268,000 people in Portugal have now invested in crypto assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum according to estimates from Triple A.

However Portuguese investment in crypto assets represents only half of the average seen worldwide, revealing a reticence among the public to invest in them.
According to Triple A – a company that facilities payments in crypto assets — it should be around 4.2% of the population. There are currently over 420 million crypto investors all over the world.
In percentage terms, the United Arab Emirates leads the way with 27.67% of the population holding crypto assets.
At the extreme opposite of the Triple A table where the percentage of investors is zero are North Korea and Yemen.
India has around 103 million investors in crypto assets (7.10% of the population), China has 58 million investors (4.08% of the population) and the United States with 44.95 million investors (13.22%).