Commission defines 5 criteria for new airport

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The Technical Commission employed by the government to evaluate nine location choices for the new Lisbon international airport has defined five criteria that will decide the best option.

Factors such as aeronautical security, public investment and the financing model will be at the centre of the decision-making process.
Accessibility, health factors, connectivity and economic development are the other factors defined by the report.
According to the online news service ECO, the commission led by Rosário Partidário has undertaken a study backed up by a focus workshop on June 21 that “confirmed the aspects and the main priorities identified by the CTI”.
New aspects were also included thereby finalising the Strategic Evaluation Framework containing evaluation criteria and indicators.
The location options for the new airport are: Portela + Montijo, Montijo + Portela, Campo de Tiro de Alcochete, Portela + Campo de Tiro de Alcochete, Santarém, Portela + Santarém, Pegões, Portela + Pegões and Rio Frio + Poceirão.
The factors that have been identified are “critical aspects for the decision” but are neither exclusively environmental nor social, nor do they intend to exclusively describe the existing situation”.
The factors will be used to highlight the few but extremely relevant aspects that can determine the success of the decision by revealing the risks and opportunities of that decision for the environment and in terms of sustainability”.