Marta Temido public’s choice as next mayor of Lisbon

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The Portuguese PS party socialist MP and former health minister Marta Temido would be the chosen favourite nationwide as Lisbon’s next mayor according to a poll.

If the electorate up and down the country could choose between the current Mayor of Lisbon, Carlos Moedas and the ex-health minister, Marta Temido would garner of 50% of the votes whereas the current mayor would only win 44.5%.
This was according to a poll carried out by Intercampus for the newspapers Negócios, Correio da Manhã and CMTV, Marta Temido would be the front runner in all regions of the country except Lisbon (where it counts) and the Alentejo.
If elections for Lisbon City Hall were conducted tomorrow Carlos Moedas would get at leas 50% of the votes and win a second term in office.
The next elections for City Hall will be in 2025 and Carlos Moedas has said he might put himself up for election for a second term as mayor. He was elected in 2021 with a marginal unexpected victory (34.26% of the votes) over PS candidate Fernando Medina who went on to be appointed the Finance minister, a position he holds today.
Marta Temido was elected on Friday last week as President of the Policy Commission for the borough of Lisbon with 99% of the votes. The former health minister said she has no plans to run for City Hall but would do so if asked by the governing PS Socialist Party.