Portugal top country for Brits and French buying holiday homes

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A study by the iad Group has revealed that the English and the French intend to purchase a holiday property overseas in the next few years with Portugal being one of the top destinations of preference.

The group has created a platform for real estate investment internationally with specialised professionals and adapted to the language of each prospective client.
Based on the study by the group, Portugal emerged as one of the preferred countries for the English and French to buy houses.
Of the 4,000 surveyed, (2,000 French and English), 25% of the French and 28% of the English said they intended to buy a house overseas over the next few years and placed Portugal in the top 5.
Most of those quizzed said they were looking to invest between €200,000 and €400,000 per property.
“For many years Portugal has been attracting more and more foreigners given that Portugal has special characteristics such as a mild climate, security, the friendliness of the Portuguese, and a lower cost of living. On the other hand there are also attractive tax benefits that Portugal offers if they choose to relocate,” said Alfredo Valente, CEO of iad Portugal.