New record set for inbound flights in July

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A new record of 7 million passengers passed through Portugal’s airports in July this year, 10.8% above 2019 and a 12.5% increase on July 2022.

July saw a total daily average passenger arrival rate of 117.2 thousand, a number that was above the 104.3 thousand seen in July 2022, that corresponded to a growth of 12.4%, as well as in comparison with July, 2019 (105.5 thousand) where the increase was around 11.1%.
According to the National Statistics Institute (INE) 81.7% of the passengers who disembarked at Portugal’s airports in July corresponded to International traffic, of three million passengers. The majority (69%) came from Europe, reflecting a 13% increase on July, 2022.
The second passenger origin was the United States with Americans representing 8.6% of all passengers who disembarked (9.1% more than in July, 2022).
In terms of the destination of passengers, 80.3% was international traffic with a total of 2.7 million passengers. The main destinations for outbound passengers were European countries (66.1%), corresponding to a growth of 13.7% on July 2022. The second main outbound destination for passengers leaving from Portuguese airports was the US, South America or Canada (9.8% of the total).
These numbers contributed to a record of 38,27 million passengers that passed through Portugal’s airports in the first six months of the year (+25.2% H1, 2022, and 11.8% on H1 2019.
Between January and July the UK was the main country and destination for flights with a 20.8% in the number of passenger arrivals and 22.4% in passenger departures compared to H1, 2022.
In second place in terms of passengers (both arrivals and departures) was France, followed by Spain which saw expressive increases: over 42.6% as a country of origin and over 42.8% as the country of the destination of the flights.
Lisbon airport moved half of the total passengers, around 19.1 million. This amount was a 27.1% Increase on H1, 2022 and 8% more than H1, 2019.
This was followed by Porto with 22.4% of all passengers (+25.7%) on H1, 2022, and +15.2% on H1, 2019.
Faro came third with 5.2 million passengers (+19.2%) on H1, 2022 and +5.4% on H1, 2019.