Taxes on independent workers to be made fairer

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The government is to propose a change in the State Budget for 2024 to alleviate the 25% IRS burden on self employed professionals on green receipts.

They now want to suggest replacing the current system of deduction at source at a fixed rate of 25% for a progressive tax model based on the income in question.
“The government will proceed, during 2024, with the necessary IT alterations for progressive tax deductions at source for independent workers” it is stated on the Portuguese parliament website.
The goal is for this system to operate within a logic identical to the deductions regime for dependent employees, whereby taxes increase in line with higher incomes.
“The idea is to have different tax brackets, as company employees have, within a logic of progressive taxation” the PS parliamentary deputy Miguel Cabrita told the online news source ECO, stressing that these workers tend to be “very disadvantaged and not only have less security, but also less favourable conditions.”
“At the end of the day, it’s about removing the discrimination they face compared to dependent workers, and include these workers within a logic of a progressive tax system.”