Cascais and Oeiras to lose 50% of Local Accommodation

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The deadline for the owners of properties rented to tourists for local accommodation ended on Thursday, December 13 after an extension from December 7 to give landlords a chance to get their proof of activity documents in to local councils.

According to data released by the Ministry of Economy and based on proofs posted on the National Local Accommodation site (RNAL), which did not include municipal councils in the Azores, 37.9% of registered LA’s did not have these proofs uploaded onto the site.
But among the councils with the most registrations, Cascais stands out as the municipality where less than half of the registrations had been confirmed – a fall, according to the ministry, of 50.5% or 1,351 registrations.
In neighbouring Oeiras, the failure to upload the proof of activity represented 59% with only 231 registrations still valid.
In the two municipalities with the highest number of registrations – Lisbon and Porto, 42.5% of licences will be cancelled in Lisbon (a reduction of 8,470) while in Porto 1,868 registrations will be cancelled or 17.9%.
In the Algarve, Albufeira, Loulé, Portimão, Lagos, Lagoa and Tavira (35,559 registrations all told), the falls wavered between 28.1% in Lagoa and 41.9% in Portimão. In absolute terms these municipalities will cancel 12,679 registrations.
Some projects from the urban planners and developers Broadway Malyan have contributed to the overall urban refurbishment of Benfica, one of Lisbon’s most traditional Lisbon neighbourhoods and an important area of development expansion over the past 100 years.
Broadway Malyan was selected by Teixeira Duarte to provide a blueprint plan for the neighbourhood’s regeneration in a project labelled ‘Renew the Neighbourhood – Retell History’ and will involve projects on around 7.5% of the parish’s built area or over 100,000m2.
Begun in 2019 as part of project Fabrica 1921, with the reconversion of the old textile factory Simões & Companhia Lda’ into housing with a new phase Garridas 1867 inspired by old Benfica mansions.