PS will raise minimum salary to €1000 by 2028

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The new leader of the PS socialist party, Pedro Nuno Santos has pledged to raise the national minimum salary to €1,000 per month by 2028 if his party wins the general election on March 10.

According to online news source ECO, at the closing speech of the 24th PS annual party congress, the former housing and infrastructure minister who will lead the party into the general election said that his party would “transform the structure of our economy and specialisation profile”.
The PS leader who has replaced António Costa – Costa remains on as caretaker prime minister until March 10 – said that the State had an obligation “to make choices as to the technology sectors to support”, stressing “we will only be able to change the economy with more money for fewer sectors.”
“To be able to achieve our dreams and ambitions we have to win the challenge of structurally changing our economy. This really has to be our first and main mission: to change the specialisation profile of our economy”, said Nuno Santos at the congress which took place in Lisbon over three days last week.
This meant investing in education, know-how creation, knowledge transfer to companies, and company innovation.
In his speech, Pedro Nuno Santos stressed his party’s key pledge to increase the minimum salary over the next five years.
“The current government has defined a target to increase the national minimum salary from €820 to €900 by 2026. We pledge by the end of the next legislature in 2028 to raise the minimum salary to €1,000”.

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