Portugal’s airports see record passengers

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Lisbon airport processed 33.6 million passengers in 2023 and Porto 15.2 million in “historic records” according to Vinci, the company that owns them.

Portugal’s national airports ended 2023 with a growth of 19% on passenger numbers on the previous year with 66.2 million passing through the airports managed by ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal. The result was 12% up on 2019.
According to data from the Vinci Group, Lisbon airport exceeded 33.6 million passengers, up 7.9% on 2019, and 19% up on 2022.
In terms of passenger numbers, Porto enjoyed the largest increase from Portugal’s airports on 2022, up 20%. Compared to 2019 the increase was 16%.
Faro, Madeira, and the Azores grew 18% on 2022 with the Algarve airport exceeding 9.6 million passengers. Madeira saw 4.8 million while the Azores processed 3 million passengers. Compared to 2019, Madeira’s airports saw a 44% increase, the Azores airports were up 22%, and Faro saw a more modest increase in numbers of 7%.