Coimbra – breeding ground for talent

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In the aftermath of the 2023 European Year of Skills, with the backdrop of Coimbra’s rich academic heritage, the Irish-Portuguese Business Network (IPBN) has arranged its first conference on sourcing and retaining talent guided by experts in the field.

The first two presentations will focus on several of these key points of interest, thanks to Filipa dos Santos Cunha, Director at TUMO Coimbra who will speak on Education as the Key and Rachael Milne, Project Management Consultant and IT Trainer at Ardanis who will address best practices in training talent.
Aiming to catalyse innovative solutions for nurturing talent pipelines, the event will tackle the pressing issues faced by companies in both Ireland and Portugal, from skill mismatches and talent acquisition hurdles to the imperative of retaining top performers in a competitive market.
The “Breeding Ground for Talent” event is part of the network’s mission to strengthen the ties between the two countries and to create new opportunities for collaboration. The event will provide an opportunity for businesses to network with other organisations and learn about the latest trends in talent development, acquisition, and retention. The first two presentations will focus on several of these key points of interest, thanks to Filipa dos Santos Cunha and Rachael Milne.
The first presentation will feature Filipa dos Santos Cunha (Director at TUMO). It is entitled “Education is the Key” as it is the starting point for a country’s economic and social growth. It is through education that we ensure that all children and young people can have access to opportunities to expand their talents and that will make them want more for themselves and the place where they live. TUMO, as a non-formal education project, is a civil society initiative that wants to contribute to bringing more knowledge and fulfilment choices to young people in Portugal.
Filipa is an organisational psychologist with a focus on people and project management in the social impact sector. In 2013, she co-founded the Inspiring Future Educational Project, which is now in more than 300 schools nationally. At Teach For Portugal, she set up the departments of communication, career, and Alumni, as well as carried out organisational management responsibilities. She currently leads a team of 32 people at TUMO who inspire young people in technology and creativity.
Next up will be Rachael Milne (Project Management Consultant and IT Trainer at Ardanis) on the topic of “Tomorrow’s Skills Today: IT Training for an Evolving Job Landscape.” Training stands as the core of organisational growth, pivotal in enabling companies to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving job market. In today’s ever-shifting professional landscape, the essence of continuous learning and adaptation has become the cornerstone for both individuals and organisations. Training stands as the catalyst for progress, enabling companies to thrive and individuals to chart meaningful career trajectories.
Rachael Milne is a PMP® qualified Project Manager with experience in consulting and training services for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and established businesses.
Rachael’s latest project was to establish an IT Nearshore business for a client.  Due to the success of this project, they were awarded the IPBN Business Success Award 2022 based on Innovation, sustainability, job creation, and trade between Ireland and Portugal.
With over 20 years of experience, Rachael has the knowledge and expertise to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of businesses. Rachael has worked in the UK, Ireland, Australia, Spain, and Portugal for clients in a variety of Industries and has been a guest speaker for various clients and conferences throughout as well as a featured Masterclass host on the IPBN Podcast series. To register for the event, open to members and non-members, go to: