Johnson & Johnson brings hub to Portugal

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The Portuguese branch of Janssen – the pharmaceutical company from the Johnson & Johnson Group known as Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine – has attracted the international hub of Medical Safety.

In a first phase, it will count on around 20 professionals according to Filipa Mota e Costa, the Managing Director of Janssen in Portugal in an interview with Negócios.
“This offers highly qualified jobs that work well as a source of talent fixing in Portugal. Since this is to support safety in the use of our medicines on a global scale, the hub will employ people with scientific profiles from medicine and pharmacy to biochemistry, and biology, with very specific knowledge and expertise in this area of medications and their use”, she explains.
“Hiring will always be advertised internationally but for people to work in Portugal. If the applicants are people who already live here or are moving here, it doesn’t really matter. What we’re looking for is skills”, she said.
“The work these experts will have a global scope so speaking foreign languages will be a requirement in addition to scientific skills”, she stresses.
If the hub is successful, I will just be the beginning with the possibility of centralising even more services in Portugal.
With these new contracts, the company is widening its human resources to around 240 staff in Portugal of which 30% were hired from overseas.
Calling it a “drop in an ocean of opportunities” Filipa Mota e Costa says there are no limits since the “possibility of hiring professionals in Portugal to work remotely has a huge potential for growth.”
In 2018 she said that commercially speaking, Portugal was a fast-growing affiliate and a relevant business to European operations. “Janssen is the fastest growing company among the top 20 companies in Portugal, and we currently sit as the fourth largest Portuguese pharmaceutical company. We, of course, aim higher! A large part of this success is down to the people and the team we have here, not just the innovative portfolio. I feel great pride in leading this team and knowing that we provide more and more treatments to patients in need”.