Digi prepares operations in Portugal

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Telecoms company Digi, a company of Romanian origins, is to launch its first telecommunications offer in Portugal this year.

The telecoms operator has also revealed that it intends to provide fixed and mobile services, namely 5G fibre optic.
“We are preparing to begin operations — sales — in Portugal and Belgium this year”, announced the company’s Executive President, Serghei Bulgac during a presentation of the company’s annual results on Wednesday.
The company has not released any details as to when it will begin services in Portugal despite rumours, since denied, that services could be launched as soon as April.
Digi is developing 5G and fibre optics networks in Portugal. In 2021 the company invested over €67 million in purchasing a spectrum in the auction organised by Anacom.
Digi also told the online news source ECO that it was following the difficulties that Vodafone was having in convincing the Portuguese competition authority AdC to allow it to buy Nowo.
Despite Digi being focused on the organic growth of the business, the leader of the group has considered a hypothetical scenario in which Digi might buy Nowo, or some of its services.
Bulgac believed it to be a strategically relevant question, but said that the latest information he had was that Vodafone was in the process of buying Nowo and Digi and that they would have to await the outcome of the decision from the AdC competition authority.