Tuga car showcased at Abu Dhabi Driftx Exhibition

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The Portuguese-inspired Tuga car, a stylish, efficient urban commuter vehicle built on a flexible, modular platform, is to be showcased at the Abu Dhabi Driftx Exhibition tomorrow and on Friday.

The super slim vehicles produced by US-based Tuga Innovatios Inc is aimed at urban residents and service providers that connect modern cities, as well as public and private organisations, including vehicle sharing operations, delivery operators, municipal councils, transportation system providers, and many, many others.

Conceived in Portugal and engineered in the US, the car is economical, easy to park, can deftly manoeuvre in and out of traffic, and unlike scooters and motorbikes, provides comfort, weather protection, luggage space, and safety.

The electric vehicles are also eco-friendly ESG oriented and potentially have a large market in SE Asia, South America, India, and much of Europe.

“Digital transformation has profoundly impacted how we work, our relationships to devices, created new business models, and even re-shaped how humans interact. We are at the intersection of a rapidly changing world of possibilities and opportunities. TUGA Innovations embraces change in the conception, design, and production of specialised vehicles to improve the global urban mobility experience”,  says Gonçalo Terenas, Head of International & Corporate Business TUGA Innovations Inc. 

The second prototype of the Portuguese TUGA vehicle is scheduled for the beginning of 2024, but the pre-production phase of the first commercial units will not happen before 2025. The Luso-American company wants to launch an innovative subscription service for passengers looking for a premium experience.

Since the Tuga was announced in 2022, plans for the three-wheel vehicle have changed and two models are currently planned for production: the Tuga Commuter and the sporty convertible Thunder.

“Tuga is real and it’s probably ‘THE’ mobility solution in the near future. It is an audacious project and has the capacity to totally change the way we think about mobility”, concludes Gonçalo Terenas.