Net spending on Public Private Partnerships fell 7.4% from 2022-2023

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Public administration spending on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) contracts fell 7.4% to €1.2Bn in 2023, or 1.5% (€18.8 million) below the estimated amount in the outline State Budget 2023 report and 7.4% on 2022.

This is according to figures from the State General Account (CGE) for 2023 published this week by the Directorate-General for the Budget (DGO).

The report highlights the difference in results; the “costs from the health sector were below budget” while revenues from the airports had “exceeded forecasts” while there was a budget overspend on rail and road infrastructure.

When comparing 2023 with 2022 there was a fall of 7.4% in net State spending on PPPs on the €1.3Bn in 2022 towards which all sectors had contributed to, except rail which saw a 5.4% increase in net spending.

The sectors that saw the biggest reduction in spending was road (-5.1%) or €1.0Bn which was down to a fall in gross spending of €21,7 million (-1.5%), and an increase in revenues of €36.7 million (+11.2%), and the health sector, with a fall of 22.3% to €125.4 million.